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How Orbit brings a bright new look to their community platform

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Grow and measure your community across any platform with Orbit. Use our integrations, API, or Zapier to pull in all your community data for a single view of the community, with reports, alerts, and actions, so you can build relationships, not spreadsheets.

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Gareth Wilson
Growth, Orbit Love

A new rebrand, a new website

They wanted to still keep the fun, space-focused vibe but with a new aesthetic. Our goal for Orbit was to keep it the same but different (haha) - we wanted to keep the same dev-forward community feel in a unique way with over 40+ graphics use to shape their inner pages and more.

3D in Webflow? What?

One of the perks of working with Leonardo and Tayler is they push Webflow to their core, creating new features every day, one of which was 3D mockups inside Webflow. These are customizable and can be titled with mouse scroll over, and other animations.


Upvotes on Product Hunt


We saw an increase of 80,000 new users in their Webflow traffic script


Signups rose 4.5x in the first month after the launch

"Those who know me understand that I adore all things community building. I really believe in the future of community that Orbit is building. 💜"

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