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Public Health Company's 60 Minutes debut, and 4 week Site Launch

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We Prevent, Detect, and Contain Disease Outbreaks

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Terese Tatum
Terese Tatum

During the Pandemic, Charity Dean found something ground breaking and is using technology to help solve Covid 19.

The Public Health Company came to BrandWeld with a 4 week deadline. Webflow was the answer and the team powered PHC with a beautiful brand collateral and website before the 60 minutes appearance.

Creating a Web Presence for Scale

PHC has developed the first Public Health as a Service (PHaaS) platform for businesses, health care providers, and public health systems that systematically combines real-time public health data, containment best practices, and genomic epidemiology to prevent, detect, and contain costly disease outbreaks. PHC combines this platform with unparalleled public health expertise to give organizations easy-to-understand recommendations to strike the critical balance between the continuity of operations and the safety of employees and clients.

PHC is Committed to Integrity and Public Health Science

4 Weeks

From start to finish before their Press Release

4 Networks

Featured on 60 Minutes, BBC and Forbes

$3.2 Million

Raised in funding

They Wrote a Book about it

“What scares me most... is our ability to respond to a new pathogen, maybe one we've never seen before, or an old pathogen, like influenza that's just mutated... we know that we have to be prepared for that." Read about Dr. Charity Dean from the book, The Premonition, by the #1 New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.

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