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Webflow Powered Website

Provide a list of common services.
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Figma to Webflow
We develop
From $899 / Page
Custom Website Design using Figma
Designed for you or your client's needs and component driven,
Starting at $10,800
Custom Design and Development in Webflow
For clients that need it all, both UI UX design in in Figma and powered with Webflow. All Custom
Design and Development comes with Social Media Pack and design system powered in Webflow
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Design System Creation

Provide a list of common services.
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Initial Consult
We give you our template and show you how to use it.
From $299
Custom Design System Creation in Figma
Designed for you or your client's needs and component driven,
Starting at $7,800
Digital Design System powered with Webflow
For clients who require a different a system designed
in Figma and powered with Webflow
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Figma and Webflow Training

We look at your agency and
help you scale your design offerings.
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Initial Consult & system audit
We sit down one on one and work through current strategies
From $249 / hour
Provide onboarding with Figma and Webflow
Unlimited seats and we cover the basics to enterprise
$1,299 10 day Bootcamp
Custom Training
For studios and agencies that need custom attention.
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You asked.
We answered.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pricing and the product as a whole.

What is included in your services' base price?

All services are different and deliverables are different depending on your businesses needs. We provide previews of similar work during the consultation phase. It is important to list exactly what you are looking for during the design discovery meeting so that we can best price and tailor the service to your needs

What's included for Brand projects?
  • During the discovery meeting we discuss the needs of your business and cover specifics that can range.
  • Generally, 5 logo concepts (or logo-rework concepts if the current logo is desired) will be given first, pick 2 favorites, then a final one is chosen.
  • Brand guides can include an assemblage of mock ups, print material (business cards, brochures), typography, colors and more.
What is included of UI Design projects?
  • Similarly, during the discovery meeting we discuss the needs of your business and cover specifics that can range.
  • We work in images, illustrations or your own content into "flats" that include 2D versions of your site and the different pages, we upload these into Invision for communication and notes.

How are your prices so low? Are these Monthly Prices?

Good for you, these prices are extremely competitive because we have made it so that you don't pay for intense limited liability insurances, or overhead for 30+ designers, or an office space. Since we are remote and relay on the greatest contractor-designer-pool in the industry, you have prices that won't break your budget, with a ton of work and deliverables that you can rely on.

*Note that all prices are "base" or "starting" prices and vary depending on the needs. These prices can increase if the business needs change during the discovery meeting.

What if we need monthly services?
  • We can still partner with you and would be excited for this opportunity.
  • Gauge your price point by taking your desired service and set it every month.
  • We continue to support new business teams in the preparation and coordination of bids and proposals
Can I set a Monthly contract and still Cancle?
  • Absolutely, Cancel at any time.
  • Note that every month to start the service a deposit is required. If a contract is canceled you may or may not get this deposit back depending on how far along the project is

Why does Pixel only develop in Webflow?

Webflow is the future - and they don't pay us to say this. Webflow is one of the only teams that have created a Design and Development process that is streamlined and simultaneous. This means we develop beautiful and animated experiences in real time so that as us as designers can actually see what is being developed.

I have a Wix or Wordpress site can I migrate this?
  • Maybe, however usually if there is a lot of content or many blog posts, or products (ecomm) than this can be pricey and we will discuss this during our first meeting.
Do you host my Wordpress Site?
  • At this time no, we create you a Webflow account and migrate your project - so that if the site goes down (which it shouldn't) you can sue Webflow not us.

Your team is entirely remote and rely on contractors - How can I rely on quality?

Good question. For one, most agencies outsource or have contract employees but they hide it and charge you double. We are a group that is entirely transparent so you know exactly what your going to get. We also are committed to the best for your company - we won't give you something that you aren't really excited about. We also have some bragging rights with many awards won throughout the years.

How many awards did Pixel Co win Last year?
  • Under the name Studio Minted we won 18 design awards for digital quality across multiple award groups, globally - such as AWWWARDS, CSS Awards and more.
How many of your clients are return clients?
  • 90% of our clients come back for more and the majority of our client pool comes from referrals.

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